Allison + Matthew

July 7, 2018


It was a rare Saturday in July where the weather was below 80 degrees and the sun was seen through out the entire day. It is days like July 7th, that you wish every wedding could have THAT perfect weather. We were lucky, thats for sure. But we also planned. When it comes to weddings, I plan and organize the entire day weeks in advance ( you can ask my brides!) It is crucial to do so, especially on a wedding day! 

Allison + I were huge planners! She even organized a "first look spot" by asking a family if they could use their back yard for photos! Needless to say, I am so happy she did. I was able to scout out the location before hand and end up finding out we had the white mountains of NH as our back drop for the first look! 

It was a wedding for the books. And I have to give a HUGE shout out to one incredibly talented photographer who helped me second shoot for this NH wedding. Allison (yes we had two that day!) you have an eye that is one of a kind. Thank you so much for all your help, I can not wait to have you on board this wedding season! :) YES, you read that right, we have a new member of the team. Head to my "about me" section and learn all about our newest member of our team! 

                                                         Congratulations Allison + Matthew! 

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