january 23, 2018


This engagement session holds a special place in my heart, for the beautiful lady in these photos is my cousin Nicole! Nicole & I grew very close together through out the years. You can often find tons of photos of her holding me as a baby :) When I found out Nicole + Matt got engaged on Vacation, she instantly messaged me asking if I would take her engagement + wedding photos. And when I say "instantly" I mean she texted me on her vacation (the same one she got proposed too) asking if I would! AND OF COURSE HOW COULD I SAY NO?! 

So you get engaged.... but it is January in New England. The weather is 20 degrees, the sun is out but setting around 3:30pm and every little bit of scenery around you is dead. So what do you do?! You go and have yourself a tropical engagement session in 75 degree weather at the Botanical Garden in Providence, RI. Yes this engagement session took place on a cold, sunny winter day in January.... best part you can never tell! I even had friends message me asking where I am on vacation?! No where special, just the Roger Williams Park :)  LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

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